Firees On Edge With Extreme Bushfire Conditions Expected During Weekend Heatwave

Temps around 10°C above average

21 September 2017

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Fire warnings are being issued for the whole of Queensland today as an unusual spring heatwave moves over the east coast.

Heat records could be broken with temperatures predicted to soar more than 10 degrees above average in some parts of the state. It is thanks to a cold front and low pressure trough moving through, drawing down warmer air and winds from Northern Australia.

There is an afternoon thunderstorm forecast for Brisbane on Friday afternoon, but we'll swelter after that with the mercury to climb to 34 degrees on Sunday and a sweaty 35 on Monday.

Pic: Weatherzone 

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Steve Hadley said we will see a slight reprieve from Tuesday, but temps will remain in the low 30s until next weekend.

"We're going to be seeing temperatures increasing, also the winds increasing as well and that will begin to elevate the fire danger. We are likely to start seeing a severe to extreme fire danger, particularly through Saturday and Sunday," he said.

QFES Deputy Commissioner Mark Roche said a very dry and very warm winter is to blame for extreme conditions.

"Our firefighters are on high alert in preparation for what we believe is going to be an increased fire season, we have very high conditions at the moment and the reality is, it is uncharacteristic."

Meantime, Tony Hucker from the Queensland Ambulance Service said we need to be prepared, stay hydrated and keep an eye on each other.

"It's going to get so hot. It will be really risky particularly for elderly members of the community. We ask that if you've got old folks living next door, knock on their door and make sure they're ok. It's always just the simple things, open the doors, make sure you've got a breeze and stay inside during the hottest part of the day."

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