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Shire Announces Burning Period

16 March 2018

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The Esperance Shire have announced an unrestricted burning period from Friday March 16 for all zones except ‘urban rural’. This will allow residents to light fires on their property without a permit.

Karen Naylor, currently serving as the Esperance Shire community emergency services coordinator, still recommends high caution at all times, noting that keeping an eye on weather conditions especially wind strength and direction is very important. “The area should be surrounded by a bare earth break or reduced fuel loading. Clear any flammable materials, a ready water supply should be on hand at all times and enough time should be set aside to ensure the fire is monitored continually until fully extinguished", she said.

Residents are also reminded to notify their neighbours as a common courtesy so they can remove washing off their lines and close their windows. “This is also important so they don’t panic when they see the flames and smoke and call 000,” Ms Naylor said. The prohibited burning time for the Shire of Esperance runs approximately from November 1 till January 31 each year, with restricted burning times before and after this period. However, Ms Naylor said these dates were only a guide and burning seasons can be adjusted by two weeks at a time depending on local conditions.


For more information see the Esperance Shire website or the Bureau of Meteorology website.

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