FILL UP: Petrol Prices At National Low Before Long Weekend

Prices expected to skyrocket

28 March 2018

Sydney motorists are advised to fill up before the long weekend, with petrol prices currently at a national low.

According to the NRMA, Sydney petrol prices are currently almost 20 cents per litre (cpl) cheaper than other capital cities.

The average price of petrol is 128.8 cpl, with the cheapest found at Metro in Revesby at 117.9 cpl.

Prices are expected to fall to 127 cpl before hitting a high of 147 cpl after the long weekend.

“According to the NRMA App the gap between the cheapest and most expensive service stations in Sydney is 32 cpl and as prices are expected to rise after Easter that gap may well just widen – so it’s important to remain vigilant, do your research and fill up sooner rather than later,” a NRMA spokesperson said.

“By using the NRMA App and filling up at a low of 118 cpl rather than a high of 150 cpl the average family could save almost $20 dollars on a tank of petrol for a typical family sedan – more money to spend on the kids.”

The projected increases for the coming weeks are as follows:

  • Regular unleaded 127 cpl to 147 cpl
  • E10 – 125 cpl to 145 cpl
  • Premium 95 – 142 cpl to 162 cpl
  • Premium 98 – 148 cpl to 168 cpl
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