Feta & Brie Cheese Flavoured Ice Cream Now Exists In This Crazy World

"You Feta Believe It"

31 July 2018

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If you thought that the world was running out of new ice cream flavours, sorry, but you're sorely mistaken.

Feta and brie flavoured ice cream now exists because apparently, one guy wasn't happy with eating anything salted caramel, pistachio, or Oreo cookie-related.

Davey's Ice Cream, an ice cream parlour in New York City, has decided that its about time that the ice cream lovers, and cheese lovers, of the world tried brie and feta flavoured desserts.


The brie ice cream, called 'The Présidential Sweet' is made with the parlour's sweet cream base, which is then blended with Président brie cheese, an oven-roasted garlic swirl and pieces of French brioche toast.

The feta dessert, which is called 'You Feta Believe It', is also made with the parlour's sweet cream base and adds Président feta, homemade guava curd and a spiced pie crust crumble.

So, no avocado flavours?

Have these people even EATEN feta before?!


Davey's Ice Cream parlour will be selling these two flavours for the first week of August, so if you find yourself in the Big Apple around that time, spend that $5.50 for a scoop and let us know if this is something we should be putting our tastebuds through.

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