Ferry McFerryface Has Crashed Into Balmain Wharf

Choppy run

28 February 2018

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There have been some rough seas for Ferry McFerryface, topped with a crash into a wharf this morning.

Following earlier controversy surrounding the decision to name the vessel Ferry McFerryface, the ferry hit a wharf in Balmain this morning.

Minor damage was caused, and there were no injuries to the 60 passengers and crew on board.

The incident happened just after 11am at Balmain East, with the ferry being taken to the Balmain Shipyard for inspection.

According to smh.com.au, Harbour City Ferries have said that there is an investigation under way, and the crew is undergoing mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

It was revealed by Nine News that Transport Minister Andrew Constance named the vessel despite earlier claiming that the name was the result of a majority vote.

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