Feeling a little down this Valentine’s Day?

A Zoo in Texas has you covered

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Valentines Day can be quite rough if your single, especially if you’ve recently broken up with someone before the 14th. But worry not, because a Zoo in Texas has you covered in a very bizarre way.

If you’re looking for a little bit of a macabre dopamine boost on Valentine’s Day whilst also supporting a Zoo in San Antonio then look no further than THE San Antonio Zoo because with their “Cry Me a Cockroach” event, you can pay $5 for a cockroach to be named after an ex and you can watch as they're fed to a meerkat or bird and meet their demise.


While this may sound a little grim, these unfortunate cockroaches where going to be fed to a plethora of animals around the zoo regardless of whether they were named Adrian or Zoe, or anything in between.

baby meerkat eating bug

If you think that either the cockroach idea is too mean or not mean enough, the zoo has both options covered with a vegetarian option which switches out a leaf of lettuce for the cockroach for turtles and other herbivores around the zoo. But if you are truly heart broken and don’t feel like the cockroach is enough, you can bump up the price to $25 and name a frozen rat, that is fed to a snake or lizard in the zoo.

lizard eating cockroach

At the end of a day, in my opinion closure comes from within but it’s a lot quicker and cheaper to just watch a cockroach be chomped on by a meerkat, so I guess to each their own!

- Ned

9 February 2021

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