Feast Your Eyes On Bachie Host Osher Günsberg's Six Pack

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5 August 2018

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Okay, so let's be real here for a second... when The Bachelor returns every year, are you more excited to see the new guy, the women fighting for his heart or Osher Günsberg?

Obviously, it's Osher!

Even the Americans understand how important this man is...


Osher is an Australian icon and this weekend, he debuted his new magazine cover shoot for Men's Health on Instagram and, well, all we can say is... DAMN!!


In the caption he explained that he'd undergone a massive body transformation and lost 9 kilos in only ten weeks:

"I always said I’d never take my shirt off on camera unless it was for the cover of Men's Health. I’m a man of my word.⠀This is me, with my shirt off on the cover of Men's Health Australia, and I’m the first plant-based person to do so in Australia. 

"Over ten weeks I lost 9kg of fat and gained 2.5kg of muscle by eating nothing but plants and training every day until I was a flat pancake on the gym floor.

"I started this #MHtransformation as a way to help me manage life off of meds. I hadn't been on antipsychotics for about 18 months before I started this. I'd shifted to a different medication for the OCD, however as I got better and better, the side effects now became more prominent than the symptoms - so me and my Dr decided to try life without them.

"Coming off meds in Dec meant that I needed to put management strategies in the place where they once were, I needed things to help me regulate my emotions and emotional responses - and resistance training was a large part of that. 

"I pushed my body until it released those feel-good hormones: the 4 horsemen of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. 

"Like a good mental health patient, I kept checking in with my psychiatrist - and as the months passed, our med-free experiment carried on

"It’s now 7 months off meds, and I’m still under Dr's supervision because there’s a difference between not taking meds and not NEEDING to take meds. ⠀

"To keep it that way, resistance training is something I do almost every single day. I ride my bike almost every single day. I eat with purpose and consideration every single day. ⠀

"Sure it takes time, but that’s an investment in my health but more importantly in the quality of my relationships at home and at work."

Bloody good work, Osher!

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