Fears For Animals As NSW's Mogo Zoo Is Engulfed By Bushfires

Home to 200 animals.

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The bushfires ravaging Australia have lead to a national emergency with lives lost and countless homes destroyed.

But just as affected have been our innocent wildlife with The Times  reporting an estimated 480 million animals lost, according to ecologists. Nearly a third of NSW’s koala population are believed to have perished.


Today, dramatic footage has emerged from all over Australia, including Victoria’s Mallacoota beach, where  4,000 people have been evacuated and are seeking shelter along the waterfront.

Unbelievable images are also pouring in from NSW’s Batemans Bay where the dark orange sky made it hard to believe it was midday:


But now, employees of Mogo Zoo have desperately worked to try save animals as the Clyde Mountain Fire approaches. 

The Zoo is home to zebras, southern white rhinos, giraffes, red pandas, and Australia's largest collection of primates.

At 2pm AEDST, the Clyde Mountain Fire zone has crossed the Princes Highway and has covered the zoo.

A spokeswoman told News.com they have locked up inside “as much as possible” while sprinklers are keeping the wildlife park wet. 

Listen to the latest bushfire updates below: 

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1 January 2020

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