Fat Unicorn Cakes Are A Thing Now & We've Never Seen A More Relatable Cake!

This cake just gets me!

Lauren Payne

9 February 2018

Lauren Payne

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Just when we thought we were done with unicorn food, another unicorn-themed cake has taken over the internet but this time, it's actually a work of genius!

When you think of unicorn-themed food, you usually think of rainbows, glitter and fairy floss with a golden horn thrown into the mix somehow, right?!

Well, if you're over the unicorn food trend, we don't blame you, but you should take a look at this new Fat Unicorn Cake because it's not filled with rainbows and there's no glitter.

All this cake has is a little fat unicorn, falling asleep after having a BIG bite of cake.


These cakes are being created by bakeries all over the world right now and whether it's a unicorn, a horse, a mouse, a dog, a cat or even a goldfish that's having a little nap after it's big serving of cake, it's still an adorable and relatable concept.

I mean look at this cute little thing!


That's what I look like when I've spent too much time at the food table at someone's birthday party.

Actually, that's me when I've made myself too much pasta but eaten it all anyway because I don't want to waste it.


These are probably the cutest cakes in existence right now and yes, some of them may be eating colourful cakes...


But others are just chilling out after eating a bunch of tacos!


It's not every day that someone perfect encapsulates your life in cake form and somehow, these bakeries have done it using frosting and baby unicorns.

I request a fat unicorn eating pizza for my next birthday, please and thank you!

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