Fairy Lights For Your BEARD Exist To Brighten Up Your Christmas!

Know someone who would LOVE these?

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

19 November 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Christmas is fast approaching and we can already hear the jingling of bells, telling us to get off our butts and buy gifts for all of our loved ones. 

Some of us have a little trouble deciding on the perfect gift for the men in our lives who like to live outside of the box.

Well, we think we just found THE gift for them, if they’re into all things hipster and have a beard:

Beard Christmas fairy lights!

Firebox describes them as:

  • "Basically it’s fairy lights for your beard
  • Each light changes colour and flashes
  • Clips on super easily, no glue or pain or hassle
  • Infinitely better than a boring old novelty Christmas jumper
  • Facial hair not included.”

The lights are spaced along a 90cm cable and are powered by a tiny battery pack that’s small enough to clip it onto and hide it inside the tangled mess of your beard. 

You can find these bad boys online HERE

There’s also a female version of the lights, for your hair, which you can find HERE

  • "Fairy lights, but for your hair
  • More like hairy lights! (We’ll be here all week)
  • Clips on painlessly like a normal hair clip, no hassle
  • Each clip is shaped like a cute little flower, aww
  • Powered by batteries (which are included, for once!)."

Sound like the perfect gift for your mate? You better get on top of your Christmas shopping ASAP!


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