Facebook Now Has A Dating Service ON The App & It’s Easy Peasy

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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

21 September 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We now live in an age where dating apps have become the norm in a landscape where technology has taken over.

So, naturally, Facebook is jumping on to the trend and has revealed the first glimpse at what will be their new in-app feature, Facebook Dating

The feature will be an additional tab within the Facebook app, where people will be able to set up a separate Facebook Dating profile, only visible to those using the dating feature. 

All the activity on the Dating section will not show up on your usual FB feed, and there’s no swiping going on!

Users are asked questions to get conversations started and pulls together people you may be interested in, based on all your info and activity on Facebook!

Events are also organised to try and get people meeting in real life, instead of just the app!

Nathan Sharp, the product manager for Facebook Dating, revealed in a press release, "More than 200 million people have listed themselves as single in their relationship status on Facebook.

"We view this as an incredible opportunity to continue helping people build relationships in meaningful ways on Facebook."

According to Tech Crunch, here are the rules and features:

  1. "Meaningful relationships not one-night-stands, because “meaningful” is Facebook’s new watchword as it enters the ‘Time Well Spent’ era, and the company has the deep biographical and interest data to find you matches you’ll want to wake up next to each day, not just go to bed with.
  2. Opt-in not automatic enrollment, because “not everyone who’s single wants to date, not everyone who wants to date wants to date online, and not everyone who dates online wants to date on Facebook” says Sharp in a moment of humility.
  3. Within Facebook not a new app, because it lowers the barrier to behavior that’s already hard enough for some people, and it can only achieve its mission if people actually use it.
  4. Friends-of-friends and strangers not friends, because many people’s biggest fear is “are my friends and family going to see this?” says Sharp. People who are already friends don’t need help meeting and may already know if they want to date each other.
  5. A new profile not your same one, because some people might want to share a different side of themselves or might not publicly disclose their true sexual orientation. The only info ported into Facebook Dating is your first name and age.
  6. Message and response not both people swiped right, because since Facebook wants you to be deliberate about who you show interest in, you have to send one message and hope to hear back. There’s no infinite right-swiping and then waiting to get matched or messaged. “It puts the power in the responder” Sharp says.
  7. Profiles and chat are separate not part of Facebook, because it doesn’t want to scare users about privacy slip-ups, and doesn’t want people to pollute the main Facebook experience soliciting dates
  8. Real age and location not self-described, because Facebook wants to prevent catfishing as well as users contacting matches in distant cities who they’ll never meet.
  9. Matches through Events and Groups not randos, because a photo isn’t enough for choosing a life partner, interest overlaps are key to compatability, and they give people ready-made happenings to use as dates."

While easily accessible, a lot of people aren’t too keen on the idea for the realms of possibility it could open up for cheating for those already in relationships. 

But I guess we will all see how this goes. 


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