Exposure Sites Added in Port Wakefield and Gepps Cross After Third Infected Truckie

Has our luck run out?

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There are fears South Australia’s luck may have run out as a third Covid positive truck driver was revealed overnight.

Another truck driver made their way across the state in recent days during their infectious period, which has health officials urging people to be urgently tested.

Anyone who was at the OTR service station on Snowtown Road at Port Wakefield between 1.50pm and 3.20pm on Monday needs to get tested as soon as possible.

While those at the Metcash distribution centre at Gepps Cross between 8.30 and 9.30 Monday morning should check for symptoms.

Third infected truck driver adds exposure sites in Port Wakefield and Gepps Cross

This comes after a pair of Covid-positive truck drivers travelled across the State stopping off in Port Augusta, Ceduna, and Nundroo.

Contact tracers continue their efforts to find around two dozen people still unaccounted for after visiting exposure sites in these areas.

Premier Seven Marshall is hopeful the virus hasn't spread but says it shows how important it is to keep using Q-R CODES to check in.

“It’s quick it doesn’t take a long period of time, it’s not that inconvenient, we are asking people especially as we get toward the 80% double vaccinated rate.”

South Australia had no new cases yesterday, but 140 have been forced into quarantine.

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30 August 2021

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