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Want to escape? Well we have the best way to do it (without actually heading up in the sky). We recently visited Jet Flight Simulator located in Lyneham to see what is on offer. 

Onsite there is a Boeing 737 flight simulator, which is set up in a replica of a cockpit and a Icarus Active Virtual Reality system. Both devices put you front and centre as you control the realistic plane in fight. 

If you want to learn more about how to fly, Jet Flight Simulator offers one-on-one sessions with an instructor who can show you exactly what leavers and buttons do what as you fly the aircraft. 

The coolest thing about the simulator is the amount of destinations you can visit. There are over 24,000 airports in the data, so you can really fly wherever you want. 

Check out more in the video below: 

To book call 0438 834 026. Find out more here on their website. 

30 March 2021

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