Ex MAFS Villain Andrew Jones Posts Photo Of Himself On A Double Date With Ashley

"Cats outta the bag"

22 March 2018

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We know that Married At First Sight has ended for the year, but we honestly didn't expect so much to happen after the finale episode!

Just today, Troy revealed that he staged those photos of him and Carly rolling around in the park, Ryan said that Sarah and Telv have split up and a MAFS fan thought she saw Ashley on a date with Justin whilst having dinner in Sydney.

Now though, Andrew 'Jonsey' Jones, the villain of last year's MAFS season, has posted a photo of himself on a double date with Tracey, Sean and Ashley!

In the caption he wrote "Catss outta the bagss.." and if he's been watching this season of MAFS, he would know that Tracey and Sean revealed that they were in a relationship on Tuesday's episode (and we all found out about it on Monday when New Idea published photos of the couple together in Bali).

So does this mean that Ashley is actually dating Jonesy?!

He has since changed the caption of the photo, most likely for two reasons.

Firstly, he tagged the wrong Sean from this MAFS season and acknowledged his mistake in his new caption by saying, "sozzzz hope you’re doing well Sean Donners"...


And secondly, Jonesy is no stranger to the media and seeing what kind of rumours are being spread, so he could have changed the caption to avoid people figuring out that he has started dating Ashley.

Or, maybe it was just a joke about Sean and Tracey's secret love affair... 

The MAFS drama just keeps on coming!


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