Ex-'MAFS' Star Reveals The Surprising Diet Behind Her Weight Loss!

She's trying to slim down!

11 January 2018

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In 2016, Clare Verrall married Jono Pitman on national television and tried to make it work with her new husband.

Unfortunately, the couple didn't last, but Clare has been in the public eye ever since, with people watching her every move until she disappeared for a significant period of time.

Now, in an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail, the reality star has explained that she's been keeping out of the public eye because she was ashamed of her weight!

Clare told the publication that she had gained weight since her stint on MAFS ended and that now, she's trying to get back to her old figure.

"I went from 70kg to 114kg.

"I have been avoiding going out or attending any events for the past year as I am very embarrassed by how out of control my weight has become.

"I have turned down events, would hide behind my friends in any photos, and avoided posting photos of myself on Instagram unless they were throwback photos."


Clare said that her weight gain was a result of PTSD from an attack that occurred in 2015 when she was out walking her dog, as well as a back injury which left her unable to exercise for a significant period of time and bad food choices. 

"My body went into fight or flight mode.

"Your brain tells your body to store every ounce of fat as it thinks you are on 'survivor' when in reality I was in bed eating poorly."

Now, though, Clare seems to have found a solution and is currently undergoing an extreme diet to get herself back on track.

"I have been doing a low-calorie diet (500 calories a day) plus walking after a second back surgery last year.

"I'm now at 99kg. My normal weight is 68kg."


Healthline recommends eating 2,000 calories a day to lose weight safely, so this looks like quite an intense diet!

We do hope Clare reaches her goal but we also hope she's staying safe!

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