Everything You Need To Know About The Controversial New Location Of 'The Block'

This is The Gatwick!

Lauren Payne

30 October 2017

Lauren Payne

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On Sunday night, The Block announced that Josh and Elyse had won their 13th season by gaining an astounding $447,000 profit on their home!

It was a great moment and then, fans of the show were treated to a short teaser showing what next year's teams will be dealing with.

Scotty Cam revealed that The Block in 2018 will focus on renovating the infamous Gatwick Hotel which has stunned A LOT of Australians.


For those who haven't heard of the hotel before, a lot of stuff has gone down there over the years.

The hotel in located in St Kilda, Melbourne and whilst it may be surrounded by stunning new buildings and homes, the hotel itself is derelict and covered in graffiti.

It has been described as a "flea pit" and was apparently so bad when it was up and running, that even some homeless people actively avoided it!

According to The Herald Sun, between January and June 2016 over 50 serious crimes occurred inside the hotel including drug deals, murders and vicious assaults.

In 2011, a man was stabbed to death by a man who had drunk 14 litres of cask wine police files revealed.

So is it an appropriate location for The Block and should the show acknowledge it's shady past?

Detective Sergeant Ed Logonder said that there's no point hiding what went on inside The Gatwick when the show takes over in 2018 because everyone already knows about it.

"There’s no hiding the fact that there’s been murders, violent assaults, there have been drug overdoses there."

In January, Housing Minister Martin Foley told The Herald Sun that the building should be vacated by the owners because of the ridiculous crime figures.

"It’s not good for the people who live there, it’s not good for the local community.

"They are no longer capable of running a rooming house that’s up to community standards."

The owners of The Gatwick Hotel, sisters Yvette Kelly and Rose Banks, closed it's doors in July and barricaded the building to avoid any further vandalism.

They left a note outside the building lamenting the hotel's closure.

"For more than 46 years, we have given our all ... There will never be another Gatwick.

"God bless all those who lived here. Rest in Peace ‘Gatty’

"We never judged or asked questions.

"We always made this place feel like home.

"Unfortunately, not everyone felt the way we did."

When The Block announced The Gatwick Hotel as next year's big renovation location, locals took to Twitter to share their stories about the St Kilda spot.


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