Esperance to bring back the Pink Lake

Do you have any photos that could help?

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The Shire of Esperance is trying to recreate the Pink Lake, and they're calling for anyone with photos to get in touch and help them out.

A project is currently underway to return the Pink Lake to the colour for which it was named, after it lost its pink-ness more than a decade ago.

The Shire is hoping to collect photos from when the lake was pink, and then look at climate data from when they were taken to try and determine the best conditions to make it pink once again. They will then look at other factors, including land clearing and salt mining, to see what may have caused the change and how they can reverse them.

Anyone with photos is asked to email the Shire or get in touch through their Facebook page!

Do you have photos of the Pink Lake that might help?

19 July 2019

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