Esperance Tanker Jetty Update

Replacement Options

9 November 2017

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Plans to repair the Esperance Tanker Jetty appears to be off the table following a special council meeting this week. Council gathered on Tuesday, where a request for quotation for the Reconstruction Feasibility Report was considered.

According to the Shire of Esperance, reconstruction to the 82-year-old jetty would show a lack of thought for the future.

Shire President Victoria Brown said, “Council deemed that the quotes received were excessive and would not provide any additional value considering previous reports and decisions on providing a recreational jetty for our community.

The local council is set to further develop the design for a replacement Jetty with a Heritage Architect as per the Heritage Council’s advice.

CEO Matthew Scott will also approach the Goldfields Esperance Development Commission for assistance in working with relevant state agencies on this matter.

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