Esperance Company Fined for Crushed Hand

Workplace Injury

20 March 2018

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An Esperance transport company has been fined $58,000 after an employee’s hand was crushed between two containers. Mineral Trans Pty Ltd pleaded guilty to failing to provide a safe workplace and causing serious harm to an employee.

The truck driver sustained serious injuries, including open fractures, scarring and severe pain, which required skin grafts and the insertion of pins to repair the damage. Magistrate Hills-Wright said the incident was entirely foreseeable and could have been easily avoided.

WorkSafe WA commissioner Ian Munns also said that the case illustrated the importance of having safe systems of work in place. “A reasonable person in the position of company director should have foreseen this hazard and realised that it was an unsafe system of work to allow an employee to be in close proximity to the suspended load of a forklift."

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