Prisoner Escapee Handcuffed At A Thuringowa Drive Servo

He's back in the watch house

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On Wednesday the news broke that the hunt had begun for a local escaped prisoner. 

"Police are calling for help in finding a prisoner who escaped from the Townsville Correctional Centre (Male Farm)," authorities advised. 

Matthew Thomas Campbell has been behind bars due to his sentencing for illegal use of a motor vehicle.

His sentence is for one year and six months, but it hit a hiccup when the tattooed crim broke out earlier this week. 

Police advised of Campbell's appearance so that the public could be of assistance. 

"Campbell has several tattoo's including a southern cross on his chest, "Est. 1989" on his stomach, "blaze" on right side of neck, and "one life one chance" on left side of neck."

The description paid off with Campbell being arrested around 5am today at a Thuringowa Drive servo. 

In the hour before, he'd drawn police attention, even involved in a chase while driving a red camry.

The 29-year-old hasn't been charged yet, but is back in the watch house.


16 May 2019

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