Epic New Australian Survivor Trailer Reveals Our New ‘Champions V Contenders’

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Zoe P

12 June 2019

Zoe P

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Network Ten

Yeaaaaaaah boy, it’s that time of year again when Australian Survivor comes along and dramatically improves reality television in this country, whilst simultaneously filling the Survivor void in our lives between U.S. seasons.

For Season 4, Network Ten has brought back the Champions v Contenders theme which will see people who are ‘champions in their field’ (mostly celebrities) compete against underdog contenders (regular people who are impressive in some way). 

So if you’re keen to see who some of our castaways are (spoiler alert), whilst also listening to a dramatised version of Elton John’s 'I’m Still Standing'… please watch:


Okay let’s unpack what we just saw!

First…. Yes that was LUKE -“KING-OF-THE-JUNGLE” TOKI you just saw aka one of our favourite contestants of all time, from Season 2:

Joining Luke on the Champions tribe we have:

Andrew Ettingshausen, 53, NRL Legend

Steven Bradbury, 45, Olympic Gold Medallist

Janine Allis, 53, CEO Powerhouse

Ross Clarke-Jones, 53, Big Wave Surfer

Susie Maroney, 44, Marathon Swimmer

Over at the Contenders we have:

John Eastoe, 28, Gold Miner

Matty Farrelly, 29, High school Teacher/Pro Wrestler

Sarah Ayles, 45, Cleaner & 2004 Sri Lankan Boxing Day tsunami survivor. 

Obviously this is just a taste of who we’re going to be seeing compete for the title of Sole Survivor and we CANNOT wait for Season 4 to start.

As for the premiere date, Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders is still listed as ‘Coming Soon’, but download the Hit Network app on iOS and Android for all the latest Australian Survivor news and podcasts!

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