Enjoy PICS Of The World’s Most Expensive House, While You Live In A Shoebox

Got half a billion dollars?

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

10 June 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

Article heading image for Enjoy PICS Of The World’s Most Expensive House, While You Live In A Shoebox

The whole housing situation in Australia right now, if you live near any major city, is absolutely insane. 

While we used to daydream about our dream house, the reality of us ever really affording a small home is dawning on us. 

It’s scary stuff and we seriously wish everything was cheaper. 

But while we live in a shoebox and pay ten times too much for it, we thought we’d let go of reality and live like a billionaire for a minute, because we’re absolutely in awe of what has been called the world’s most expensive house. 

It’s called the Villa Les Cèdres and is a 14-bedroom home on the French Riviera - super fancy? You betcha!


Yes, it’s up for sale. 

Yes, you can totally buy it… if you have a cool half a billion dollars hidden somewhere.


The 187-year-old mansion sits on 35-acres and has an amazing 14 bedrooms, a chandelier-lit bathroom, as well as a wood-panelled library all amongst its 18,000 square feet.

It was originally built in 1830, for the King of Belgium.

Not only this, but it also features an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a stable big enough for 30 horses. 


It’s been on the market since October 2017 and considering it’s so darn expensive at AU$543 million, it’s no surprise it hasn’t sold yet.

It’s yours if you have the money, though...


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