England Welcomes Vaccinated Travellers From U.S And U.K

A Win For Airlines And Tourism

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England has announced that fully vaccinated citizens from the United States and Europe will be welcomed into the country without having to quarantine.

The quarantine exemption was announced on Wednesday July 28, and will come into force next week on Monday.

Brining Locals Home:

Whilst the tourism sectors are airlines seem to be thrilled with the announcement, Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner is in strong disagreement.

Rayner told Sky News, “Everyone wants to go on holiday and get back to normal as quickly as possible, but this is reckless”.

She has raised concerns that the vaccine passport is yet to be internationally recognised.

“We believe the government haven’t done enough to safeguard our borders, and we haven’t got tan internationally recognised passport which the government said they were working towards, so it does feel reckless”, Rayner told Sky News.

Meanwhile, U.K. Transport Minister Grant Shapps has called Rayner out for her remarks, claiming the Shadow Transport Security was calling for the reopening of travel from the U.S just last month.


Shapps said that those travelling to England will still need to do a pre-departure test and PCR test.

29 July 2021

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