Encounter with SCAMMERS Leaves Toowoomba Woman Traumatised

Request: $2000 Google Play vouchers

10 January 2019

Article heading image for Encounter with SCAMMERS Leaves Toowoomba Woman Traumatised

A 61-year-old Toowoomba woman has been left traumatised after her recent encounter with telco scammers’.

The woman was targeted by men posing as Telstra representatives, who had successfully gained access to her computer and online banking remotely.

She was coerced by the scammers into making a purchase of Google Play vouchers to the value of $2000 at a supermarket – however, this is where their plan begun to unravel.

Ready to make the purchase at the supermarket the alert staff informed the woman that the she has been scammed, calling the police on the spot.

The victim of the scam told The Chronicle that her ordeal started when she received a call from a person saying they were with Telstra and that they were ringing to tell her there was something wrong with my internet connection, however the woman was not a Telstra account holder.

Thankfully, she took action and had her bank accounts disabled before any money was withdrawn.

Police are reminding locals that if they believe they may have been targeted by anyone posing as a telco representative asking you for your personal details, or things don’t sound legit, to contact them immediately.


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