Emotions fly high with independent inquiry into 7-year-old's death

Let the experts do their thing

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Health Minister Roger Cook has met with Aishwarya Ashwath's parents on the independent inquiry into their daughter's death.

The couple also met with Children and Adolescent Health Services CEO Aresh Anwar on Thursday night, receiving an update on the inquiry.

It follows Roger Cook's meeting with Perth Children's Hospital staff, amid increasing tensions with hospital workers taking issue as colleagues are referred to the medical regulator.

Meanwhile, Mr Cook has rejected claims Hospital staff are being "used as scapegoats".

"I just urge everyone to let the experts do the enquiry into this issue and make sure we find out the information we need so the family have answers, the staff feel supported and that this doesn't happen again", he said.

Health Minister meets with family of Aishwarya Ashwath

Seven-year-old Aishwarya Ashwath died early last month after awaiting treatment in the hospital's Emergency Department for two hours.

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22 May 2021

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