Emergency Warning For Bushfire On Mornington Peninsula

Act now.

28 February 2019

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A bushfire is out of control at Punty Lane, Shoreham and residents are being asked to take shelter indoors.

An Emergency Warning was issued for Shoreham at around 1.45pm on Thursday.

- There is a bushfire at Punty Lane, Shoreham that is not yet under control.
- The bushfire is travelling in a south-easterly direction towards the Shoreham coastline.
- The fire started near Punty Lane in Shoreham.
- Firefighters have been unable to stop the fire.You are in danger and need to act immediately to survive.

The safest option is to take shelter indoors immediately. It is too late to leave.

You are in danger and need to act immediately to survive.

The safest option is to take shelter indoors immediately. It is too late to leave.

What you should do:

You should move indoors: 

  • Bring your pets inside.
  • Protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and trousers, made from cotton or wool. Wear leather boots.
  • Close all exterior doors, windows and vents and turn off cooling systems.
  • You must take shelter before the fire arrives. The extreme heat is likely to kill you well before the flames reach you.
  • Shelter in a room that has two exits including one directly to the outside. It is important to be able to see outside so you know what is happening with the fire.
  • If your home catches on fire and the conditions inside become unbearable, you need to get out and go to an area that has already been burnt. 

If you cannot get indoors, last resort options include:

  • Shelter in the middle of a large open area like a ploughed paddock, football oval or sporting reserve.
  • Get into a  large body of water like a dam, lake, river, the ocean or inground pool.
  • Try to protect yourself from the fire's heat.

If you are travelling: 

  • If you are travelling, do not enter the warning area. U-turn to safety. 
  • If you are currently driving slow down and turn on your headlights. Smoke will make it difficult to see.

If you are caught in fire in your car: 

  • Park behind a solid structure to block the fire's heat or pull over to cleared area.
  • Try to position the car towards the approaching fire.
  • Turn on your hazard lights and headlights.
  • Close all windows. 
  • Turn off the air-conditioning and shut all the air vents. 
  • Turn your car engine off. 
  • Get down as low as possible below window level and cover up with a woollen blanket.


If you can smell smoke, please note:

  • Smoke can affect people's health.
  • People with pre-existing health problems, heart or lung conditions (including asthma), children, pregnant women and older people are more sensitive to the effects of breathing in smoke.
  • People with existing heart or lung conditions (including asthma) should follow the treatment plan advised by the doctor.

Health information:

  • If you need medical advice for burns or exposure to smoke, seek medical advice or call Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.
  • Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing should call Triple Zero (000).

If you cannot smell smoke you are not likely to be exposed to smoke and it will therefore not affect you.

Use multiple sources to stay informed: 

The next update is expected by 28/02/2019 03:50 pm or as the situation changes.

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