Elon Musk Broke The Internet With Tesla Brand Short Shorts

Because this is what 2020 needs!

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Just when we thought Elon Musk couldn't possibly get any more eccentric, he goes ahead and releases Tesla brand short shorts.

Yes, you read that correctly... short shorts, as in Tesla branded stubbies.

Why, you might ask? Well, for s***s and giggles, because Elon can do whatever the hell he likes. 


These cherry red shorts went live mere days ago and are selling like hotcakes. According to a Tweet from Elon himself, these shorts are so damn popular, the entire website crashed as Tesla fans went absolutely buck wild for these skimpy little numbers. 

Apparently, the shorts are cheap as chips (I'm not really sure about the usual going rate for hot pants these days), selling for $69.42 US. 

The product description for the new Tesla branded short shorts, is almost as glorious as the shorts themselves - 

"Celebrate summer with Tesla Short Shorts. Run like the wind or entertain like Liberace with our red satin and gold trim design...Relax poolside or lounge indoors year-round with our limited-edition Tesla Short Shorts, featuring our signature Tesla logo in front with "S3XY" across the back. Enjoy exceptional comfort from the closing bell."

I don't know about you, but we are sold.

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, stock ran out almost immediately, but this hasn't stopped disappointed Twitter users calling for a restock and for those who were lucky enough to catch a pair, sharing reviews of the product.

One user wrote "Dang, got excited to squeeze cheeks into these, when can we expect a restock?" with another commenting "Got mine, Sexytown USA here I come!! Please include a flamethrower?"

So, if you were hoping to get your hands on a pair of these cheeky short shorts, you're just gonna have to wait for round two. Be ready, because these red hot little numbers will sell faster than toilet paper in a pandemic. 


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Georgie Marr

7 July 2020

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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