Elk Espresso Has Launched A Boozy Bottomless Brunch For Summer!

7 days a week!

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I love the 'B-word'..well actually three of them. What are they, you ask? BOOZY BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH, obviously!

Our neighbour, Elk Espresso (located at The Oasis in Broadbeach) has just announced the launch of a Boozy Bottomless Brunch, kicking off from Thursday, November 28! 


Just in time for the silly season, it's the perfect excuse to get beachside and a little bit boozy while you chow down some delish brunch. You could say it's already Christmas going by this news (aka a gift)!

Now, get this: it's going to be available seven days a week (YES, I KNOW. 7!) from 10am-midday. I'm sure you can come up with an excuse for your boss to head there on a Monday. And if you can't, I'll help you. 

All you gotta do is select your fave dish from their summer breakfast menu and pair it with one-hour of bottomless mimosas! They have a range of refreshing flavours like The Classic, Strawberry Lime or Grapefruit for just $39 per person - bargain hunters should get a load of this ASAP!

You're probably keen to hear what's on the menu? Are ya? 

Are ya?

...are ya?

Ok, fine! Here it is: 

Strawberries + Cream Waffle 

Cheesecake Ice Cream + Berries + Strawberry Custard + Pink Meringue +
Strawberry Spheres + Shortbread Crumble 

Fried Chicken Waffle 

Miso Maple Syrup + Cherry Lime Butter + Green Onion

Chorizo Banh Mi 

Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes + Avocado + Fried Egg + Rocket + Sriracha Mayo + Coriander (DF)

Byron Bay Haloumi

Poached Eggs + Quinoa Sourdough + Textures of Carrots + Fermented Beetroot
+ Hazelnut + Honeycomb

Salmon Sashimi

Cucumber + Green Apple + Pomegranate + Sprouts + Broccolini
+ Lime Creme Fraiche + Organic Spelt Toast

Basil Scramble 

Persian Feta + Nut Spice + Crispy Kale + Preserved Lemon Gel + Ciabatta

Blueberry Panna Cotta

Mango Sorbet + House Made Maple Nut Granola + Coconut Yoghurt
+ Berries + Stone Fruit (Vegan + GF)

Citrus Oats

Lemon Coconut Yogurt + Mint + Strawberries +Queensland Mango
+ Blueberries + Pistachio Crumb (Vegan)

Green Bowl 

Kale + Quinoa + Brown Rice + Garden Peas + Butternut Pumpkin + Broccolini + Poached Eggs + Harissa Oil + Parsnip Chips + Beetroot Sauerkraut

Get outta town!! Deliciouso.  

Check out Elk Espresso on Facey here: https://www.facebook.com/Elk-espresso-215447851800541/
Check out Elk Espresso in real life: Ground floor of The Oasis beach front. Open Monday–Sunday daily from 6am–4pm

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Amber Lowther

18 November 2019

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Amber Lowther

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