Elite Sydney School Embroiled In Nazi Salute Scandal

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22 September 2017

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Students at an elite Sydney school are in trouble after an end-of-school prank went wrong, with photos emerging of the students posing for a photo with a Nazi flag and doing the Nazi salute with the deputy principal.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the students were in their final history classes and asked their teacher, who also happens to be the deputy principal to join them for a photo.

In a letter sent by the principal, the students 'urged' the teacher into the photo before unfurling the flag - which features a large swastika - and saluting.

The teacher asked the students to delete the photo. See the full statement below.

I wish to convey a serious error of judgment which has been brought to my attention over the last 24 hours.

As is common practice for a graduating year 12 group, our 2016 graduates took a number of photos in their final lessons in term 3 last year.

It would appear that one image taken at the last History lesson after the conclusion of their studies, which included the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany, was extremely insensitive and incredibly foolish.

It pictured a group of boys who had urged their teacher, Deputy Headmaster Mr R Morrison, into a photo. The boys then unfurled a Nazi flag and saluted at the camera. As soon as Mr Morrison realised what had happened he expressly made it clear that the photograph was completely inappropriate.

In my investigations, I am convinced that this was an ill-conceived prank and a display of very poor judgment by those caught up in the euphoria of the end of school.

The image is clearly insensitive and offensive and in no way consistent with the values shared by Mr Morrison and the school. For any offence given the school unreservedly apologises.

Following the picture, after recess, Mr Morrison met with the boys during their next class and reiterated the inappropriateness of the images and asked them to delete the photographs — which clearly was not done. He immediately disposed of the flag.

I first became aware of this matter yesterday when contacted by The Daily Telegraph which had been given a copy of the picture.

I intend to provide the newspaper with this letter to our community and will be offering to further comment.


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