Drive-Thru Vaccination Hubs Rolling Out in October

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Canberra's unveiled a plan for drive-thru vaccine hubs to be rolled out across the country.

Shopping centres and offices have been flagged as possible sites for the drive-thru sites, which will start rolling out in September and October across the country.

Drive-thru vaccination hubs rolling out in October

It's part of a plan unveiled by Left-Tenant General John Frewen who expects 70% of the population to be jabbed by November with an 80% market for December.

Epidemiologist Professor Mary Louise-McLaws has told the ABC it's a start, but to reach those numbers by the end of the year, we need to bring the vaccines to the people.

“We can do this, instead of trying to get people to the vaccinators, what we should be doing is getting the vaccinators to the people. Because Israel, the UK, and the USA all have had the same issue.”

Danielle Mcmullen from the NSW branch of the AMA has told LiSTNR’s Australia Today that we need to have an alternative vaccination plan for the population groups who are less inclined to turn up to these big facilities, which include groups with English as a second language.

“Other culture backgrounds probably won’t turn up to big large town hall type vaccinations things at a stadium either, and we need some more nuanced solutions to make sure that every community has the opportunity to be vaccinated in a culturally safe way.”

It comes after a revised vaccine strategy has deemed the under 40s ‘peak transmitters’ of the delta variant. The Doherty Institute report says the focus should be on vaccinating the 20-39 age group, rather than children.

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3 August 2021

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