Dried Fruits Australia Initiative delivers big results!

Government officials visit the region.

1 March 2018

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Sunraysia's viticulture industry is moving from strength to strength, with the results of the $5 million dollar Dried Vine Fruit Diversification and Sustainability Initiative.


In it's final stages, the project works to help producers to return production to a sustainable minimum level of 30 thousand tonnes per year.


New rain resistant varieties and management practices have been adopted, allowing the industry to combat impacts of climate change.


The Labour Government previously provided around $429,000 for the initiative.


Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Australia Danielle Green has joined Dried Fruits Australia board members at a farm in Irymple this week to see the progress of the 5 million dollar scheme.


The scheme has delivered more than 273 hectares of new development; an increase on the 180 hectares estimated.


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