Scream like Goku in front of the Surfers Paradise Sign

The world wide phenomenon is here!

22 September 2017

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That's right, the Gold Coast has been blessed with The "Scream Like Goku" craze, making its way from the US to our very own Surfers Paradise. 



In case you have no idea what we're talking about take a look at this.



This is the dream of any Dragon Ball Z fan. Finally the countless hours of trying to power up during morning tea in primary school are going to pay off. You can geek out like a pro and not feel the least bit ashamed. Spreading like wildfire across countless universities and capital cities in the United States, it's now Australia's time to shine.

Both the Sydney Opera House & Federation Square in Melbourne have gotten a taste of this epic event.


Whether or not your a DBZ Fan, you can't deny that this is a spectacle not to be missed. Standing on the sidelines promises to be just as entertaining & would probably make for a heck of an instagram story. After all, the more the merrier. Don't be a Piccolo, make sure you get down there and give it your all! 

DATE: Saturday the 30th of September

TIME: 11:00am 

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