Dozens Of Drones Spotted In Secure Airspace During Comm Games

More than 10 people could face penalties

16 April 2018

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A few people didn't listen to police when they said leave your drones at home during the Commonwealth Games.

Thirty-two drones were spotted in the secure airspace above venues throughout the event period, with 14 people referred to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Police didn't have to use their drone guns to take down the aircraft though, saying there was no threat to security at any point.

All up, the Queensland Police Service has applauded the crowds' behaviour and patience during the massive sporting event.

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said the public was very understanding of the security measures in place.

"In our protective security zones we did over 2,500 searches under our special powers, just to make sure that people weren't taking in things that they shouldn't and out of all those searches we've had no complaints at all at this stage," he said.

"So obviously the community was very on board with what we were trying to do and they were very cooperative".

Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski confirmed while there were no major incidents, there were a few disappointing run-ins with protesters.

There were 36 protests during the games period, with eight arrests made.

"Whilst that was disappointing it wasn't too bad considering the scale of the event and in the end those people were able to get their messages across too, which we're very supportive of," he said.


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