Don't Get Too Cozy With That Money In Your Pocket

Household bills are going up

22 June 2017

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By now we've heard time and time again about the poor state of WA's finances, but this time we're being conscripted to fix the issue.

If you're wondering how, it'll be through a hit to your hip pocket better known as an increase to household bills announced by the state government.

The full suite of increases will cost the average household an additional 7.7 per cent across the board.


Might as well get the worst news out of the way first, electricity is about to get more expensive due to an increase to the daily supply charge.

That increase is set to slug households about $169 per year.

The cost of water will also rise, a 6 per cent increase has been announced.

Using a car will set you back as vehicle licence charges go up by 5.5 per cent and the cost of a driver's licence will rise 1.7 per cent.

Even if you do ditch your car, the cost of using public transport is also creeping up, this time by 1.8 per cent for a standard fare.

Treasurer Ben Wyatt announced homes with a Commonwealth concession card will continue receiving their current rebates, but a cap will be introduced for those with a WA Seniors Card only.

Next month those households with a WA Seniors Card will have their rebates capped at $100 each, saving the state about $84 million dollars. 


* An increase of $169 to the fixed charge component of electricity bills, or 10.9 per cent for the ‘representative household’;
* A 6 per cent increase in water, sewerage and drainage charges
* Changes to public transport fares, which include a 1.8 per cent increase in public transport standard fares (rounded to the nearest 10 cents), student fares increasing to 70 cents (from 60 cents), and a five per cent reduction in the discount offered to SmartRider fares (to 20 per cent for Autoload and 10 per cent for other re-load);
* Vehicle licence charges will increase by 5.5 per cent, an increase of 2.8 per cent for motor injury insurance, and a 1.7 per cent increase for a driver’s licence; and
*A 3.35 per cent increase in the emergency services levy.



Written by: @conradical89

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