Don’t Let Thieves Have a Great Christmas at Your Expense

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14 December 2018

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Police are reminding us to stay vigilant over the Christmas period and not to let opportunistic thieves ruin our festive season.

With the weather warming up we are inclined to open up the house to keep cool, but statistics show that there is a slight jump in break and enters across the state, with open windows and unlocked doors making for an easy target.

Police responded to more than 1700 break in’s across the Darling Downs last year, Crime Prevention Unit Senior Constable Shona Fahrenhorst tell us that locked security screens are a good start.

We are also being encouraged to save posting our happy snaps until after we come home from holidays, with thieves using social media to target empty properties.

Having your mail collected, newspaper delivery stopped and bins taken in are also important in securing the safety of your property.

Don't let thieves have a better Christmas than you.

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