Don’t Drop the Ball – Secure Your Vehicle

Wally Lewis teams with QPS

20 April 2018

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A three-part crime prevention video series featuring ‘The King’ Wally Lewis has been launched to help reduce motor vehicle offences in Queensland.

The first instalment focuses on vehicle security; an effective measure that only takes a few seconds and helps prevent thefts from and theft of vehicles.

Brisbane Region Acting Assistant Commissioner Brian Wilkins urged members of the community to secure their vehicles when leaving them unattended, even when parked at home.

"A reduction in crime can be achieved by preventative methods being adopted by the community that help stop offences from happening in the first place," Acting Assistant Commissioner Wilkins said.

"Locking your vehicle doors and ensuring all windows are closed are basic, yet effective security measures to reduce the chance of having your vehicle broken into."

Securing your vehicle increases the effort and risk for opportunist thieves whose main technique is to try doors on multiple vehicles in large parking areas such as at shopping centres, on residential streets and at transport locations (e.g. railway stations, ferry terminals). Thieves look for quick and easy entry that doesn't raise attention, knowing that eventually they will find a vehicle with an unlocked door or a window left down.

Police are urging locals, "don't drop the ball" – lock your vehicle to help reduce vehicle crime.

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