Dogs Will Lie To Us To Get What They Want & We Feel Betrayed

We’ll forgive them...

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Dogs are our best friends. 

They’re always excited to see us, will follow us around everywhere, and will dish out endless cuddles and licks, so we’d be a fool to think they’d ever lie to us, right?



A Swiss study published in the journal Animal Cognition, titled ‘Deceptive-like behaviour in dogs’, found that dogs will alter their behaviour to best suit their desires. 


The study trained 27 dogs of different breeds, between 1.5 and 14 years-old, to distinguish two women by their generosity to give food. 

One was ‘cooperative’ as she gave the dog a treat, the other was ‘competitive’ as she showed the treat and then put it in her pocket. 

The study explained that the dogs began to alter their behaviour with each woman so as to get a treat. The dogs would show preference to the cooperative woman and only lead her to the food box with their treats when asked. 

If the competitive woman asked, they’d lie and not lead them to it. 


Of course, this test doesn’t make them liars per say, they just know where the good treats are at and the trick to get them.

Therefore, our doggos remain pure angels. 

But all the human liars in our lives know the difference between right and wrong, so please exit stage left. 

You can read more about the study here


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