Doctors Urge Us To Sneeze Properly As Flu Season Hangs On

It's not over yet.

7 September 2017

Article heading image for Doctors Urge Us To Sneeze Properly As Flu Season Hangs On

Health experts are encouraging people to sneeze into their elbows to avoid spreading the potentially deadly virus.

They're being told to ditch the reflexive habit of sneezing into their hands and make a concerted effort to direct the spray elsewhere – a common practice in America.

The Department of Health is warning us that despite the start of spring the flu season will still continue for the next four weeks or so, also urging Victorians to get their jabs if they haven't already.

"We're probably past the peak but that doesn't mean that there still isn't a lot of flu going around," said Deputy Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton.

It comes after a 30-year-old Bacchus Marsh dad passed away on Father's Day leaving behind his 10-month-old son and wife.

Medical officials are encouraging everyone, even those who have already had the flu, to get vaccinated due to the range of different strains floating around.

Mr Sutton says there have been over 12,000 confirmed cases so far but they are expecting to reach 20,000 by the season's end.

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