Do You Feel AWFUL Every Time You Wake Up? This Is How To Stop!

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Your alarm goes off, it’s 6:00AM and getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do. Well science has spoken, and now we know how to feel awesome every morning!

According to Christopher Winter M.D, the sleep advisor for Men’s Health, it’s all about your sleep cycle… and snooze cycle. If you wake up at the same time every morning, your brain gets used to it.

It does things to help you wake up at that time… for example: your body temperature will increase and certain hormones will be released that gives you energy for the day ahead. This may explain why sometimes on the weekend you’ll wake up when your alarm is meant to go off, before going back to sleep.

So why is it so hard to wake up in the morning? Why do we feel so bad?

The problem arises when you hit the snooze button!

If you go back to sleep, your brain gets confused and doesn’t know what time it should wake your body up. This means your body doesn’t get that regular hormone boost, and according to Dr Winter you may feel “groggy, like you have a dull headache, maybe a bit of nausea, and lethargy – you just don’t feel like doing anything.”

Don’t worry though, you’re allowed an extra 20 minutes in bed… maximum. If you fall asleep again you may enter a deep sleep which will make it a lot harder to get through the day once you’re out of bed.

Dr Winter also suggests opening the curtains and turning the lights on as soon as you’re up, because the bright light helps to promote wakefulness and stop you from falling back asleep. You could also try a dawn simulator, also known as a wake-up light which can simulate a sunrise and help you feel fresh in the morning!

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