Did You Know That You Can Take Your Cat To St Kilda Beach?

Go for a beach stroll!

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If you know a dog owner, you’ll know that they can take them almost everywhere… to parks, to beaches, to cafes... the world is their oyster.

Unfortunately for cat owners, it’s harder to explore with your feline friends. Councils around town impose certain rules for cats including what time they need to be back home if you choose to let them outside. However, there are places around town you can take your cat, and in some cases they won't even need a leash!

Port Phillip (covering St Kilda, Elwood and Port Melbourne) allows your cat to wander wherever they want when they want. This means you can take your cat for a stroll on the beach, shopping in the local markets and watch the sun go down on the piers. Of course, the only spots that your cat won’t be able to enter into are restricted wildlife areas.

Book it in and start having some magical outings! 


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Bree Gashparac

20 August 2019

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