DEVO: Autumn Rain & Cold Is Finally Hitting Perth This Week

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22 May 2018

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Look, we had a really good run.

There may only be just over a week left of Autumn, but here in Perth, we’ve had nothing but sunshine and warm nights to enjoy in 2018.

But unfortunately, we can’t have these temperatures all year long, and it turns out this week is the one to change things.

The Bureau of Meteorology has reported a cold front and deep lows will be entering the picture starting from this week which can “produce tornadoes over Perth & SW WA”.

The wet weather will kick off on Friday with the Bureau tweeting:

“Its time to clean the gutters with heavy falls expected on Friday. Perth could see rainfall figures of between 20 to 45mm.”


From Friday until at least Monday, we'll experience temperatures topping just 20°C! 

Every year templates plummet during what is called 'winter', and as is scientifically proven*, this is a time we forget actually happens every year.

So just know that we have, in fact, survived this weather before, but it is understandable for you to act shocked and upset that you have to find a scarf somewhere in your house.   


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