Deliveroo Is Coming To Hobart!

And we are ALL for it

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Leading food company Deliveroo has just announced an expansion across Australia that will introduce its services to Hobart for the first time!

Deliveroo is a food delivery service that partners with local restaurants to reach, and deliver food to, customers. Based in London, the company operates in 500+ towns and cities around the world. 

They're spreading the Deliveroo love all over Hobart

The Australian expansion, which includes a number of regions across the country, will give an additional 1.5 million people access to Deliveroo, creating work opportunities for riders, and convenience for consumers.

It's the perfect service for those of us who need a food fix, but just can't be bothered leaving the house...


Deliveroo Australia Country Manager, Levi Aron, said that they are excited to continue expanding across the country. 

Since entering the Australian market only three years ago, Deliveroo has received an overwhelmingly positive response from restaurants, riders and customers alike. We look forward to continuing to bring Deliveroo to an even greater number of customers throughout Australia, while providing flexible, well-paid work to even more riders, and generating new revenue streams for our restaurant partners.

- Levi Aron

Deliveroo is actively recruiting riders in Hobart, and restaurants who would like to partner with the company. Deliveroo riders earn an average of $22/hr and work an average of 15 hours per week. 

Ebony Reeves

27 November 2018

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Ebony Reeves

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