DEAR JESS: To Daycare OR Not To Daycare!?


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To daycare or not to daycare?

That is the question what was asked in Dear Jess this week.. heres the details

“Dear Jess, I want to hire a nanny or put the kids in childcare a few days a week but my wife is against it. We have two little kids and they’re the loves of our life obviously but she’s a stay at home mum and whilst I know she loves being home with them, I think it’d be good for the family if she just had some time to herself again and the kids can get a little independence. Her mother was a stay-at-home mum and my wife always says her fondest memories are of that time as a child, always playing with mum and she wants that for our kids – not memories of strangers. Which I understand but I don’t think all her great work will be undone by 2 days of childcare. I do as much as I can when I get home from work but the kids have gotten so attached to her and so reliant on her that even with me watching them of an evening, they cry for her, or seek her out and she can’t help but come running. It’s not healthy. And also, I think that having some help during the day will mean we’re both less stressed and she certainly won’t be as exhausted at night so it’d help our private lives as well, if you get my meaning. I’ve crunched the numbers, we can afford it but I don’t know how to convince her. Any advice would be great. Any other parents out there had conflicting ideas with their partner about getting some extra help when it comes to the kids? Thanks Neil”

Se we got one Dr Michael Carr Greg, child psychologist to talk through the positives and negatives of a little bit of time away from mum



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23 September 2020

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