Damage To Relationship With France Is Severe Says Ambassador

Can we be friends again?

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French Ambassador for Australia Jean-Pierre Thebault

The French Ambassador may have returned to Canberra but he says, a lot of work is needed to repair Australia’s relationship with France. 

Jean-Pierre Thebault return is a sign that France is “absolutely ready” to get things back on track but says whether the nations can call each other friends “remind to be seen”. 

The fallout from the scrapped $90 billion dollar submarine deal with the nation was extreme. The Australian Government blindsided France, rejecting the plan to forge a new one to obtain nuclear submarines through the AUUK partnership. France recalled its ambassadors from both and Canberra amid claims it had been “stabbed in the back”. 

Speaking to Radio National on Friday, Mr Thebault did not hold back. 

“Cancelling all that without any warning, without any previous discussion, without minimum decency of talking to your ally is creating a deep crisis. We’ll have to revise everything. What has happened, the way it was managed, is a serious breach of trust and that needs to be repaired,” he said.

None other than Malcolm Turnbull took a moment to speak directly to the French President. Speaking through the RN, stating that whilst Australia may have a “deceitful Prime Minister”, Australia is “not a deceitful nation.”

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8 October 2021

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