Crushing Season Is Here, And So Is Your Rail Crossing Safety Reminder

Be extra cautious in country areas

5 June 2018

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The 2018 sugar cane crushing season is just around the corner (June 12), which means we HAVE to be extra careful now around rail crossings in North Queensland. 

The next time you're driving North to Ingham or South to the Burdekin and beyond, you'll notice Harvesters and Haulouts taking over the roads- this is a solid indication that cane rail crossings are active too! 

To make your drive even safer, Wilmar Sugar has installed more warning lights and security cameras at busy cane rail crossings ahead of this year’s crush.

General Manager Cane Supply and Grower Relations Paul Giordani said Wilmar had upgraded safety features at several busy cane train crossings this maintenance season to further reduce the risk of collisions or near-hits with cane trains.

“We have an extensive public awareness campaign around cane train safety and the need for people to always approach crossings with caution.

“We’re also continually working to improve the visibility of our crossings, particularly those that intersect busy roads or highways.”

Mr Giordani said pre-warning lights had been installed at two active crossings in the Burdekin ahead of this year’s crush: One at McDesme on the Bruce Highway between Ayr and Home Hill, and the other on the Ayr-Dalbeg Road at Airville.

“Because the McDesme crossing on the Bruce Highway gets so much traffic, we’ve also installed overhead flashing lights as an additional warning system.”

Mr Giordani said security cameras had been installed at active cane train crossings in the Herbert region to deter motorists and pedestrians from trying to beat trains across crossings.

“One of the issues we have in Ingham is that our locos travel through the town corridor, and we’ve had numerous reports of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians trying to beat the trains across the crossings. It’s a very dangerous practice,” he said.

“This maintenance season we installed three more security cameras at active crossings in the town area, bringing the total number of camera-recorded crossings to 11."

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