Cross-Border Communities On High Alert As NSW Covid-19 Cases Surge

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Covid outbreaks across New South Wales and Victoria are coming to a peak as health authorities declare a national emergency prompting tighter restrictions in parts of Sydney.

The urgency comes as New South Wales record 136 new local Covid cases with stay-at-home directives not being adhered to.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian emphasised the need for the state to contain the virus with "an obligation on behalf of the nation to contain the virus".

"No matter how hard you have a state border lockdown, the virus still seeps through. 

"No border is perfect there is always exceptions."

- Gladys Berejiklian


Meanwhile, south of the Murray, Victoria reported 14 new cases on Friday, all linked to known outbreaks.

Prompting calls for a "ring of steel" to be established around Sydney, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews emphasised the situation in NSW needs to be contained "so we don't have a national emergency in every part of our nation"

Mr Andrews said that while NSW struggle with so many cases in the community, Victoria's fortuitous dip in Covid numbers signifies a positive turn for the state.

"I would say the trend is with us, the results are positive," he said.

At this point the border bubble between NSW and Victorian residents along the Murray, remains in-tact with cross-border communities eligible to cross without a permit, if their ID shows proof of address.

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23 July 2021

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