Crocs With Socks Exists For The Ultimate Aussie Winter

Would YOU wear them?!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

3 June 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Get ready to experience the ugly shoe trend of Crocs in a whole new way… 

The brand has decided to team up with Alife to release three new limited-edition ‘luxury’ Crocs. 

That’s right - LUXURY. 

What makes them luxurious? Socks apparently, because they’ll come with them attached!

According to WWD, the styles will be:

  • Art Style: a pair of light get Crocs, with removable 3D printed New York landmarks on them (Empire State Building, Statue Of Liberty, etc.). They’ll retail at $600. 
  • Sports Style: white Crocs with red, white and blue socks attached to them. Retailing at $140.
  • Classic Style: light get crocs with ‘Alife’ printed on the front. Retailing at $80. 

They’ll all be on sale from June 14, so obviously you better save the date, not only because you’re a huge fan of Crocs, but also because there’s only going to be 300 of these to pick up!

Only 100 of each style will be sold!

Unfortunately, you’ll have to book a plane flight to New York, too… 

They’ll be selling them at Alife’s New York shop. 

GQ, however, is reporting that we’ll be able to buy them online from the brand’s website HERE.

Keep an eye out, folks. 


Would YOU wear these?

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