Crime Stoppers Hit Townsville In Epic Regional Road Trip

Surrender ya guns!

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Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers are in Townsville as part of their regional road trip around Queensland to raise awareness of the dangers of unregistered firearms.

A permanent national firearms amnesty to keep Australians safe while ensuring those with a legitimate need to access firearms can do so was launched in July this year.

To support the amnesty, Crime Stoppers has launched a National Illicit Firearms Campaign, which includes their epic road trip across Queensland encouraging people to do the right thing and hand in unwanted or unregistered firearms.

Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs, Jason Wood said, the amnesty, allows anyone to hand in unregistered or unwanted firearms that could otherwise fall into the wrong hands.

“Unregistered firearms are a threat to our community. They are difficult to trace and can fall into the hands of criminals to commit terrible crimes while avoiding police detection,” Assistant Minister Wood said.

With regional and rural property owners at risk of their unsecured firearms being stolen and used in criminal activity, Mr Wood warns that an unwanted firearm could be deadly.

"If not properly stored, there is always a risk that it could harm you or your loved ones.”

A pop-up Crime Stoppers is on display this Tuesday at Annandale Central. 


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21 September 2021

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