Covid-19 Hits Multiple Regional New South Wales Towns

Fears remote communities won't cope

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As the Covid-19 Delta strain continues to make its way across multiple New South Wales regions there are fears it will escalate among remote communities. 

The Hunter region has recorded 16 new cases with 6 in the community whilst infectious. Half of the cases are from Maitland, 5 are from Newcastle, 2 are in Lake Macquarie and 1 is from Port Stephens. 

With growing concern for the Maitland region, Hunter New England Health (HNE) is calling for an increase in testing, notably around Tenambit and Lorn. 

"We don't like mystery cases. We are very concerned there have been a number of high-risk venues in Maitland."

- Professor David Durrheim, Director Of Health Protection, Hunter New England

High viral loads of the virus were also found in sewerage fragments are Raymond Terrace which came as a shock to Dr Durrheim. 

"That was a big surprise actually — we saw viral fragment detection levels there that looks like those from Fairfield and Blacktown," he said.

Meanwhile, the central west region has been hit with a string of exposure alerts across Dubbo, Orange, Mudgee and Bathurst. 

Dubbo has become a major area of concern following a jump in cases over the weekend. 

NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant says she’s worried about the remote Aboriginal communities after 35 new cases were recorded within western New South Wales with more expected. 

“I’m particularly concerned at the moment around Dubbo and the impact covid is having on Aboriginal communities in Dubbo and also the fact that Aboriginal vaccination levels are not as high as I’d like to see them,” she said.



A Subway restaurant in Bathurst, two cafes in Orange and two in Mudgee have been added to a growing list of exposure sites with close contacts urged to be tested immediately. Mudgee High School has become the most recent school to shut down following exposure to Covid-19.

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16 August 2021

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