A Whole New Playing Field

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21 August 2018

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Written by Emily Drew. 

It’s no secret. The ladies of WA absolutely froth a day out on the grass. Whether it’s showing off their hottest outfit for WA Country Cups Fashions on the Field, knocking back a couple of bubbles or having a cheeky punt – it’s in our Western blood!

When word gets out that WA Country Cups Fashions on the Field is about to hit town there’s only one thing that comes to mind. What the hell am I going to wear?! Hearts start to race, palms get sweaty and the panic hits. Next thing you know we’re after-paying an outrageously expensive fascinator online and trying to figure out exactly how many heel plugs we’ve added to our cart during this frantic episode.

Clearly WA Country Cups Fashions on the Field is a serious endeavour, so we’re here to give you that bit of advice and some quick tips on how to ace your fashion this season! Fashion at the WA Country Cups is a whole new playing field and despite our initial instinct to go for the sexy low cut dress or the raunchy thigh high split – WA Country Cups calls for class!

First things first… for some style inspiration head over to WA Country Cups’ face of Fashions on the Field Abbey Gelmi’s Instagram. Abbey is renowned for her ability to effortlessly pull off style on the fields! Abbey emulates the unspoken rules of WA Country Cups Fashions on the Field by seamlessly combining both sexiness and elegance – ticking boxes and pulling off each of her looks off time and time again.

Not only does WA Country Cups call for class, it also is a chance to be dramatic! It’s a combination of bright colours, prints, dramatic features and the classic less is more that leaves us wanting more. That one pantsuit that you absolutely love but think it’s too OTT for any of your every day events – pull it out and throw it on! These individual pieces can be paired with an epic fascinator or hat and there you go, you’ve created a dramatic and unique outfit just by taking the risk.

Now let’s talk headwear. Fascinators really are the biggest hurdle for us ladies because apart from on the field there’s never really an opportunity to rock one! The biggest taboo is that people think there’s a right and wrong with fascinators, but we’re putting that to bed because no one really knows what they’re doing here… so ladies... go crazy and go for any type of headwear that tickles your fancy. Headbands, crowns, flowers, veils, elaborate arty structures - whatever you like! Match it with a statement pair of heels or contrast the colour to your dress and you’ll ace it. Nothing’s off limits so think big! Fascinators are what it’s all about and it’s time for our WA women to step it up and bring them back. Jump back on Instagram to see how Abbey pulls it off - take notes, and recreate it for yourself!

Something you might not already know… gloves at the Cup are a necessity! Gloves give the ultimate nod to classic style fashion on the fields and they’re a really tasteful way to tie your outfit together. Depending on what best suits your outfit you can opt for half palm gloves, wrist length gloves, or go all the way with elbow gloves!

And our biggest tip of all is just to be confident! Be confident when you’re strutting on the stage for WA Country Cups Fashions on the Field but most importantly… be confident in your moves pre WA Country Cups when choosing your look!

Get more info on WA Country Cups Fashions on the Field here.

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